The Battle for Berkeley and a Win for #MAGA

The Right has always been labeled as the pro-war party relative to the Left. After all, it’s members of the Right that make up the majority of the military. But I don’t think the Right is necessarily pro-war; it’s just that the Right understands that there comes a time when violence is needed to settle situations, but that using violence should be a measured decision. I think that today’s skirmishes in Berkeley, Calif. have proven that the Right is done thinking about the situation being stirred up by the Left ever since President Donald Trump won the election. It’s time to fight back.

When I saw peaceful, unarmed citizens getting beaten, bludgeoned, and pepper sprayed for simply attending a speech, I knew that it was time for the Right to tool up. Like many, I tolerated all of the threats as the Left experiencing the many stages of grief. Remember when the Left held up signs that read, “Rape Melania”?

I do.

Or how about the lady who said that “there will be casualties on both sides” and that “people have to die to make a change in this world”?

I do.

But then the Milo thing happened at Berkeley, and I knew that they would never “coexist” with us peacefully. That’s when I decided to regard the Left as a clear and present danger that posed an existential threat.

At the time (and not currently), I did not advocate for an offensive strike against the Antifa rioters, I did raise my expectation for the Right and Trump supporters to defend themselves with proper gear. It was foolhardy to show up to any Conservative or pro-Trump event without taking the proper precautions. Eye protection, ear protection, gas masks, helmets, shield and/or a weapon to deflect other weapons. The freedoms that protect us can easily be taken away by other people who are determined enough to take them and if we are too complacent to defend them. Well, we are now faced with people who are determined to take our freedoms. Is the Right prepared to defend them?

Lately, heroes have been emerging from the pitched battles that are erupting around the United States. Take for instance, Based Stickman:

Here’s another video of Based Stickman taking on a group of Leftists as he strolls around Berkeley with an American flag. Notice the knife that gets brandished at the end:

I find it hard to believe that this kind of thing is happening in Berkeley of all places. It’s even known as the birthplace of free speech! And yet, the regressive Left uses violence to shut down free speech it disagrees with. But I digress. The Right is not taking this BS anymore. And today, we are seeing fearlessness on our side. Here’s Lauren Southern with her recap and firsthand experience:

I don’t know about you, but this makes me think of a war zone. This shouldn’t be happening in the United States. In any event, I’m glad our side won the day, but there are still too many people on our side who clearly showed up expecting a modicum of peace and civility. There are too many people who aren’t dressed in protective clothing. There are too many people carrying signs, thinking that this is a time for words. The Left isn’t interesting in communication. They just want to hurt you. That’s what it’s come down to. So when I see a video like this from the same event:

I am seriously bothered by the lack of strategy on our side which can only result in unnecessary injuries. We have proven to the Left (and ourselves) that we are willing to fight back. Many on our side are learning to defend themselves. The next step is to coordinate. We need to be smarter about how we engage. We need to start assigning roles. I understand and appreciate the individualistic nature of members of the Right, but when you are fighting a collective, a little teamwork will go a long way.

In today’s digital age, there is a strong impulse to document your actions, but when you are at an event where you know there are going to be cameras anyway, perhaps not everyone has to have their cell phone out. Instead, we need to designate videographers and deploy them to different areas to make sure every facet is covered. That way, fighter roles can concentrate on defending the group.

Fighters on the frontlines really need to protect themselves from every tactic the enemy uses. Remember, they are not above throwing explosives in your face, hurling bricks at you, or pepper spraying your eyes. And once you are on the ground, the Left has no compunction about beating you into a coma. So fighters need to have teammates who can assist and/or pull out the fallen and get them to support roles.

Supporters need to stand back and be ready with eye wash, bandages, splints, and clear paths to police and professional medical care. Remember, these pitched battles will not end. And if our numbers can’t last because our fighters are being taken care quick enough to recuperate for the next fight, then we will eventually lose. It’s obvious that the police will not intervene in a meaningful way, but they will disarm those who are willing to obey law and order. That means most of our side is going into these skirmishes with just their fists to fend off people with real weapons. We’re going to have casualties, and supporters need to patch them up.

Finally, we need PR roles. These will be the common sign wavers who can pose for cameras and interact with journalists. They need to be away from the fighting, but still be looked out for in case an errant brick comes flying their way.

I know that this is rudimentary, and it will probably be too difficult to get everyone to cooperate, but I also didn’t think the Right had it in them to fight back, either. Color me surprised. If defending free speech means that we have to fight the Left block by black bloc, then so be it. No cause is worthier. But if we’re going to take up this cause, then let’s do it intelligently.

We didn’t seek war, but if you bring it to us, then we will fight it.

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