Election 2016: Enemies, Escapists, and Sin-eaters


I opened with this video because it’s a perfect example one of the extremely malignant cancers that is destroying this country. She is what I believe Michelle Malkin coined as a “crybully”. She feigns victimization and then uses her victim status as a bludgeon against people she disagrees with. By itself, that’s bad enough, but she actually exemplifies something worse, which probably composes the majority of crybullies: She’s a fake victim.

If you watch the video all the way through, then you’ll see how the trajectory of her story and attitude changes when she realizes that the cop isn’t having any of it. She starts off falling back on her status as a frail woman who was frightened by the aggressive man who followed her. When that doesn’t work, she drops the act and reveals that she isn’t frightened at all and becomes very aggressive, calling the man a “pussy” for being afraid of a five-foot-tall woman. And let’s not forget that she incited this incident by harassing the man at his home. I don’t know about you, but if someone slowed down in front of my home to verbally assault me over my political affiliation and then drive off, I would want to know as much about that person as I could. Small woman or not, I couldn’t be sure if she’d come back with a group of big men in the middle of the night.

And this behavior is not some one-off example. The fact that she recorded herself, thinking that she actually had the moral high ground shows that she has an audience that agrees with her and that supports her. And then there’s the case of Zarna Joshi and Hugh Mongus:

This is a similar situation as the first video, except here we have a woman who is working with even less evidence to build a foundation of victimhood. Yet, she tries anyway, knowing that just accusing the man over and over again of having sexually assaulted her is enough to potentially put him in a dangerous situation. I can only imagine what could have happened to Hugh if this encounter happened in a public space away from professional security and police officers.

The internet is littered with scenes like these that happen every day. And those are just the ones that are digitally documented. Who knows how many more confrontations like these are going on where any imagined slight is being blown out of proportion to drum up cases against political opponents. We have only to look at college campuses for evidence of totalitarianism among the PC authoritarians.

This is why I’ve always supported Donald Trump for President of the United States since he announced. In my mind he is a much needed societal correction to free this country from the PC shackles that keep good judgment from voicing concerns out of fear of offending…someone. As Voltaire (may have) said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” And I’ll be damned if I hop to whenever the PC brigade makes up a new rule.


And yet, there are people on the Right who refuse to help smash the PC industrial complex. There are many “principled” Conservatives who view Trump as a fatally flawed candidate, and by voting for him, these Conservatives are somehow compromising their principles. Well, that’s life! Life isn’t perfect. Life is all about compromise. We pay for and enjoy media created by people who hate us. We work for people who support causes we oppose. We join unions who donate to groups with goals that are anathema to us. We do these things because there is a net positive for us as an individual. We compromise because the long-term goal is more important than the immediate one.

A recurring theme I keep reading about is how Clinton and Trump are the most disliked candidates in the history of America. Every time I read that, all I can think is, “So what? Get out there and vote.” Folks we have a binary decision to make. There are two people who have a realistic chance of becoming the next President of the United States, and one of them ultimately will. To cast a protest vote or purposefully not vote is nothing short of escapism.

A protest vote is a wasted vote. Any sensible person on the Right wants disillusioned Bernouts to cast protest votes for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. That’s because we know that these candidates have no chance of winning the Presidency and can only diminish Hillary’s chances. But the other side of the same coin is protest votes from the political Right. They’re all just wasted votes, and we need as many votes that help us as we can get.

Some among the Right have convinced themselves that there is literally no difference between Clinton and Trump. That to vote for Trump is to vote for Hillary. This is nonsense. Or laziness. Make the effort to find a difference that you can appreciate. Whether it’s Trump’s focus on border security, his guaranteed media scrutiny, or even his simple love of country, these differences are worth voting for even if the candidate is not ideal.


When I imagine my ideal American President, Donald Trump is not it. He’s not particularly eloquent, pleasant to look at, or perfectly aligned with my political views. But these are not ideal times. Instead, we’re living in a zombie apocalypse, and, of all the tools that were presented to us to fend off the zombies, Donald Trump was the most effective choice.

Stella Morabito from The Federalist generally sums up my feelings:

Looking back on my support for Ted Cruz, I realize that neither he—nor any of the other candidates save outsider Donald Trump, warts and all—had a snowball’s chance in hell of truly taking on the mammoth Clinton machine.

As its machinations come into focus, it seems clearer to me that only a street fighter like Trump could have taken this on. It’s like we deplorable clingers are hanging on the very edge of a vast abyss. Perhaps Cruz or Marco Rubio would have had a chance in a more stable America, in a more virtuous America less poisoned by a massive propaganda machine. But not in this culture of corruption fed endlessly by political correctness.

I hear arguments from people on the Right who I like and respect that the most heartbreaking thing about Trump is that if we had just nominated anyone else that this whole election cycle would be a cakewalk and that our side would be up 10 points. I completely disagree. As I discussed in a previous post, the Left understands how to present something innocuous as something poisonous, and the Right doesn’t understand how to ignore whatever the Left says. This is why Romney’s “47% gaffe” was so damaging: The Right acknowledged it as damaging when they should have just ignored it and voted for him instead.

And while those on the Right who let the 47% gaffe affect them could feel content with the pats on the head from the Left for playing by the Left’s rules and worldview, any clear-eyed person had to know that the outrage behind Romney’s statement was manufactured. And now, four years later, we get Bill Maher saying as much:

Oh, so the Left was just attacking Bush, McCain, and Romney for political advantage? But the attacks were baseless and these men were honorable? But this time it’s completely different! Trump really is as bad as they say! OK, we believe you.

I’ll never understand why people on the Right allow the Left to dictate what is right and wrong.

So, what does any of this have to do with Sin-eaters? First, a definition. Per Wikipedia: “A sin-eater is a person who, through a ritual meal, takes on the sins of a household, often because of a recent death, thus absolving the soul and allowing that person to rest in peace.” With that out of the way, I understand that for many people on the political Right, Donald Trump is a repulsive candidate. They feel that they cannot vote for Trump for various principled reasons. Because of those people, I implore everyone else to become a sin-eater.

There are many people on our side that cannot be convinced. They cannot see the threat that a Hillary Clinton presidency brings with it. They don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge that as much as Clinton is protected by the media now, she will be doubly protected as POTUS. Any wrongdoing that comes to light will be unreported, under-reported, or obfuscated, and she will be accountable to no one.

It’s up to those of us who are flexible enough to eat the sins that come with a Donald Trump presidency so that the rest of our cause can remain pure. This is the only option left to us. I wish things were different. I wish there was someone coming to save us, but there isn’t. It’s up to us, and our enemies are substantial. Recently, President Obama all but encouraged illegal aliens to vote:

Look at how heartened the girl looks when Obama says, “When you vote, you are a citizen yourself.” He assures her and all illegal aliens watching that if they illegally vote that they will not be punished for it. Furthermore, we also must remember all the evidence that James O’Keefe and Project Veritas discovered with their hidden camera stings, such as:

Is the election rigged? Can something be rigged when the rigging is happening in plain sight? It’s clear now that we need as many sin-eaters as possible. We can’t win without you.

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