How Far Will Leftist News Media Go to Cover for Hillary Clinton?

I wasn’t always political, but even then I could see the ideological bent of the news media. Now that I’m political partisan for the Right, the tactics of the Leftist news media are that much clearer to me. Take for instance the recent case of a Good Samaritan who saved a baby from a hot car. HLN, which is owned by CNN, interviewed the hero during its live broadcast and thus didn’t have time to blur out his pro-Trump t-shirt. But what did HLN do once they had the footage captured for editing? Of course! They blurred out the pro-Trump t-shirt. Check this video below:

In the mind of the Leftist, no one on the Right can be good or do good works of any kind. And if you are a Trump supporter, then you must be evil. If Republicans have a tarnished brand, then it’s mostly because the Leftist media has painted them so. And when the Left is so focused as to blur out a pro-Trump t-shirt, then you know how determined they are to control the narrative.

The media has played defense for the last eight years, ensuring that Barack Obama never looked bad, even when he was returning gifts from other countries or giving inappropriate gifts to heads of state, or during the Solyndra debacle, or the Obamacare fiasco, or his various moments of ginning up racial animus. However, I think the news media had an easy time defending Obama because the public wasn’t as outraged as it could be. I think deep down everyone understood that Obama was incompetent and that poor decisions were going to be part of the package with the first affirmative action President.

But now there’s Hillary, and she’s just a dumpster fire.

More importantly, however, we have this crazy election cycle where the Left was — for a short time — not this mindless block of voters marching in unison. There were actual, tangible degrees of Leftism within their ranks The Far Left actually gave the Less Far Left a run for their money with the rise of Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately for the Far Left, they’re not the ones in control of the news media, and for the first time in their lives they got to see weapon they enjoyed pointing at others suddenly pointed at them. And I’m not just talking about biased reporting; I’m talking about he collusion of the news media and the DNC as revealed by the Wikileaks dump of the hacked DNC emails. Trump is right: The system is rigged. The news media was supposed to keep everyone — especially the government — honest. Instead, they’re playing at being kingmakers.

But Hillary Clinton has too many skeletons in her closet. Heck, she has too many skeletons out in the open! Can the Leftist news media keep covering for her and under-reporting her issues and still think they can be taken seriously? Over Labor Day weekend Hillary Clinton was practically dying on stage at rally as she coughed up a lung for four minutes! And then later she had another coughing attack on the plane. And we’re supposed to think she’s healthy because she opened a pickle jar on a late night talk show? And now we come to find out that Hillary lied about not having more than one Blackberry — she had 13 that she would continually lose! And that devices were destroyed after being subpoenaed. Not to mention all of the other horrendous things to come out of Hillary’s interview with the FBI, like not understanding that “C” stood for “confidential” or “classified”. She’s not even trying to hide her horribleness anymore. She’s so accustomed to the media protecting her. My hope is that someone in the news media will break ranks and actually start reporting the news. But after watching this excellent piece from Ezra Levant at Rebel Media, that hope is dwindling:


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