David Seaman Gets Mugged

This post is a little video-heavy, but I wanted readers to discover this story much in the same way that I did, which was by catching these videos by chance. Watching them in order was a great experience because it was witnessing the creation of a right-minded individual in almost real-time. To me, it reminds of the old adage that a Conservative is just a Liberal that’s been mugged. I don’t actually know if David Seaman is a Liberal — he seems to be a moderate guy, actually — but I think the saying still applies here. On a side note, an ex-coworker of mine is about as far Left as one can go and still be welcomed/functional in a corporate environment. As soon as her boyfriend was mugged she became pro-gun. She’s still a Leftist, but it’s progress.

So David Seaman is a journalist who has an accomplished history, appearing on cable news networks like CNN and FOX. Until recently, he was a contributor at Huffington Post. He recently published a couple of articles regarding Hillary’s health, which he was inspired to write about because of watching the popular video from Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com (steadily climbing to four million views at this time). Here it is below:

I didn’t get to read Seaman’s articles on HuffPo, but he apparently linked to Watson’s video above. Afterward, Seaman put up a video on his YouTube channel that mused over why the media wasn’t covering the DNC email leak more. Seasoned Conservatives are so used to bias in the mainstream media that they don’t even complain about it anymore, so it’s refreshing when someone just joins the party.

Events later that evening, however, may make Seaman stay just a little longer and hang out with us on the political Right. Shortly afterward the articles were taken down and Seaman’s access was revoked. No one spoke to him about it before or after the action. Interestingly, his articles were still trending, on HuffPo’s internal trend mechanism, but when you clicked the links, you got a 404. Suddenly, Seaman got a taste of what speaking truth to power really feels like. Except the power in the case was the Leftist media. And you can’t actually speak truth to power unless you have power of your own. Usually that means relying on the protection of a large publication. But when the publication itself is working against you, then you can’t speak at all. Seaman mistakenly refers to the situation as censorship, but it’s really just bias in the media.

Since this was his first mugging, he kind of overreacted, feeling the need to record video testimony that he was not accident-prone or depressed, so if he should slip and fall in the shower and die, then his death should be investigated as foul play. Can you blame him?

The following day the ever reliable Rebel Media snagged an interview with Seaman and Rebel Media’s host Lauren Southern. Watching it some points are raised that really make this election the Bizarro version of 2008 in some ways. Eight years ago the news media couldn’t stop telling us how worried they were about John McCain’s health and how his medical records needed to be released. Could we really elect a man who might die in office with Palin one heartbeat away from the Presidency? Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t about to prove McCain’s health with a pickle jar either. Today no one can even discuss Hillary’s health critically without losing their ability to publish or — in Dr. Drew’s case — lose their job. Here’s the Rebel Media interview:

Good luck to David Seaman. Watch your back.

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