Weaponized Umbrage and Fairplay Turnabout

Social Justice Warriors are so ubiquitous now that I can’t be bothered to read another article pointing one out or watching another video where one of them behaves insanely. However, I caught some headlines recently about a female Lyft passenger who became unglued because her driver had a Hawaiian hula dancer bobble on his dashboard. I thought, “Yeah, that sounds about right.” Because that’s exactly what SJWs do: They vigorously try to find something you do that they can spin into an argument that you have deeply offended them. Whether or not they are actually offended is beside the point; they just want you to alter your behavior because it gives them power over you.

If we think of how the Left tosses the “racist” accusation so casually, then you get a glimpse of SJWs in action. Calling someone racist is just an opening salvo to put you on the defensive. There’s no way to actually prove you’re not a racist. And even if you think you have some kind of great defense, it’s never good enough for an SJW. In fact, they’ve convinced themselves of ridiculous beliefs that involve power dynamics so that certain groups can never be “not racist”, e.g. White males. While other groups can “never be racist”, e.g. ethnic minorities. The argument is that racism (or any -ism deemed oppressive by the Left) is discrimination + power. And since SJWs simply think it’s a stipulated fact that White people have more power, then only White people can be racist. So when you’re dealing with nonsense like with no win condition, it’s best to just avoid these people and these situations, which is why I didn’t bother digging into the story about the Lyft passenger.

On a whim, however, I clicked on Lauren Southern’s video response about the topic. I didn’t know that the Lyft passenger, Annaliese Nielsen, actually recorded herself! And it is as cringe-inducing and infuriating as I imagined. This video just goes to show that SJWs are not just obnoxious, but dangerous. Not only do they want to control your behavior, but they will take active steps to destroy your life if you don’t fall in line. Here’s the video below:

I normally have no faith in any kind of justice being dropped by the internet on people like this, but I always hold out hope. And Annaliese Nielsen is just one of those people that needs a life lesson. It turns out that her plan to publicly humiliate the Lyft driver has backfired. First, her video of the incident was leaked before she could shop it around. Second, there are enough right-minded people still around that understand how shitty this woman is. Maybe she’s never worked in customer service, but I’d hazard a guess and assume that most people have experienced that type of profession before. And we all understand what it’s like when a customer intentionally tries to fuck with you and then threatens your job. Even worse for this Lyft driver is that he’s using his own car!

So, in a rare positive moment on the internet, the righteous indignation of social media washed over her and she deleted her Twitter account. No sooner did it deactivate that one enterprising individual swooped in and scooped it up. Now it’s a troll account impersonating her, but for the first few hours the tweets were perfect examples of Poe’s Law; I couldn’t tell if the tweets were really hers or not. Now that the jig is up and it’s been revealed that Annaliese Nielsen created a new Twitter account (now deleted), her old account just mocks her and features a beautiful YUUUUGE banner image of Donald Trump.

Yeah, it’s a little petty to enjoy this as much as I do, but SJWs are too big of a problem to simply ignore now. So when one of theirs gets taken down, I’m going to revel in the victory.

2 Comments on "Weaponized Umbrage and Fairplay Turnabout"

  1. Extraordinary. Appalling. Disgusting. I think we’re seeing the end of times with certifiable loons like this passing judgment on the behavior of the sane. But then, the SJW crowd is defined by unwarranted self-importance, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, and absolute lack of empathy, even for the subjects they claim to be fighting for. It’s interesting that they become offended on behalf of other people who didn’t ask them to. This is because they don’t see the subjects of their selfless defense really as people, but as an intangible they use for their untargeted, free-floating outrage.

    • Political Partisan | September 12, 2016 at 8:07 pm | Reply

      Absolutely agree. These are people who operate on the fringes of the social contract, abusing the agreement not to offend each other by being offended by everything in order to get what they want, even if all they want is to see someone grovel.

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