United Prison of America

I’m usually not one to adopt defeatist attitudes, but after tonight I’m not sure that Conservative values will ever rule the day again in the United States. There are too many single-issue voter groups on the other side that are easy enough to please. Latinos? Easy; don’t deport their families. Gays? Evolve on gay marriage and repeal DADT, even if that means they become IED fodder in Afghanistan. Women? Here’s abortion on demand and free contraceptives. Blacks? What are you gonna do? Obama’s Black; that means you have to vote for him no matter what, even if you suffer the most under his policies and he supports issues you find abhorrent, e.g. gays.

The biggest unifier of the Left, however, and probably what all Leftist single-issue voters want when you boil down their causes, is “free stuff”. The economy could suck. The unemployment rate could be stuck at 10% for four years. We could be in more wars in the Middle East. We could be four years closer to a nuclear Iran. We could have more spying on American citizens. We could be executing America citizens without due process. We could be leaving American ambassadors to die in foreign countries. We could be prosecuting American citizens over their Free Speech. The Left would still rally under the banner of “free stuff”.

That kind of unification just doesn’t exist on the Right. There are too many divisive factors, like religion and level of Conservatism. In this last election, Romney faced an uphill battle on both those issues. “He belongs to a weird religion. Isn’t it a cult?” The Left unifies under godlessness. “He was the architect for universal healthcare. How can he be a Conservative?” The Left doesn’t scrutinize their candidates in the same way. Liberal bona fides are attained simply by giving away free stuff.

The Right cannot compete with that.

Moreover, Liberal messaging is impossible to escape. It’s in our education and entertainment. By the time a person enters the place where merit is the metric — the workplace — it’s too late; they’ve been indoctrinated into believing they deserve the free stuff. In the last 20 years Conservatives have somehow become the prisoners in the country they built.

And there’s nowhere to escape to.

It may be time for all of us on the Right to give a collective Shrug. Starving the parasites might be the only solution left.

Update: It’s time to bust up the union.

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