Amnesty and Accelerated Destruction

I’m not one to wallow in self-pity for long. While I’m not completely emotionless — losing this presidential election did bum me out — I try to look at everything through a logical lens. So, if I value my country, if I value how I believe this country should be, if I value the life I want to live, then I have shed the weight of depression, disappointment and everything else that doesn’t help me achieve the things that will get what I value most back on track.

The country isn’t lost — not yet.

But that might be the problem.

First, a quick thought about amnesty. The illegal Latino community is growing. Every day their anchor baby children are getting that much closer to voting age. So long as the Democratic party keeps offering more and more safe harbor gimmicks, like the DREAM Act or driver’s licenses for illegals, then the Latino community will always vote Democratic. In ye olden days we could probably count on religion to keep Latino Catholics from voting for the party of abortion, but not anymore. For Latinos who vote Democratic, immigration is probably their biggest concern. One Hispanic group has been emboldened by this recent victory to demand amnesty.

As Conservatives, we understand that illegal immigration cannot be tolerated. Unfortunately, we can’t deport these people fast enough. In some cases, immigration law enforcement is instructed not to deport these people. And with our porous border, illegal immigration and immigrants are not going away. Therefore, Republicans have to consider amnesty if we’re going to win the Latino vote.

Taking amnesty to its logical conclusion, however, only means that we’ll be created 11 million Democratic voters. Illegal immigrants are not people who are well-off or have respect for law or have any prospects here that wouldn’t put them in the needy column. Why would we expect them not to vote for any legislation that offered more government handouts? So basically, I don’t think we can win Latinos anymore — at least not the majority. But maybe that doesn’t matter if we can win the majority of other demographics. Unfortunately, as Obama has shown us, his pandering pretty much has each major demographic bought.

So what is the answer here?


It’s obvious that the country has reached a tipping point where there are more people want handouts and big government than there are people who want the opposite. Case in point: Have you ever tried to dissuade someone from illegally downloading MP3s or movies? If they never feel any kind of threat of repercussion, then it’s nearly impossible. You can impress upon them that stealing is wrong, but it will fall on deaf ears if they know they can get something they want for free without any legal action against them. This is the political Left in a nutshell. They know they can get something for free so long as they keep voting for it.

America is split in two groups: the takers and makers. If the makers are dying off because they’re older or simply can’t succeed in this economic climate, and the takers keep expanding because their young, then this dynamic will never equalize. Fighting it will only delay the inevitable. That’s why we need to consider swinging hard to the left and just giving them what they think they want. We need to bankrupt the nation, destroy the work ethic and the country sink into the mire of poverty as everyone becomes a taker. We need to show the Left exactly how shitty of a world their utopia is.

If we do this, it has to be done now while this current generation of Conservatives is still young enough to pick up the broken pieces afterward when the rebuilding starts. Yes, it’s going to be a long, bleak existence. All of our hopes and dreams and plans for our lives will be put on hold, if not completely forgotten. But either we deal with this now, or we deal with it in our golden years when we’re too weak and tired to do much about it. Or we leave it to our kids, which is just irresponsible.

On the upside, I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, and it looks like Greece is coming here. How soon it arrives depends on us.

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