The return of The Red Herring

Hello boys and girls! Miss me?

Remember me?

Probably not, but here I am anyway. Like it or not….

Here we are again. Another election year. Ok every year is an election year but you know what I mean. It’s time for another Presidential election in just over a month and I will be doing the play by play just for you. You might be asking where have I been for the last year. Well to be honest, I’ve been… lazy… procrastinating… but now, just a month before what is in my opinion (and others too) one of the most pivotal elections in our lifetimes I have decided to get off my large posterior and make my feelings be known.

So here’s what I’m doing. I will be posting everyday on whatever I want to post about, up until a new President is elected (ya I said it)… So be prepared… be very prepared…

Today I’m just letting everyone know the plan. Tomorrow a comprehensive point by point, second by second discussion on the first Presidential debate! Well… unless something more important happens between now and then. Most likely not, since the 47% video has already been released. So tune in here tomorrow… here’s a preview…

Has there ever been a debate drubbing like we saw last night? I suggest not…

Did I mention that I missed you all (even if you didn’t miss me), at least I’ve bought myself another 24 hours to come up with something different (witty) from all that has already been said about last night.

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