Evolving Into a One-Term Presidency

Liberal politics is just kabuki theater. Obama finally came out in support of gay marriage. OK…so what…? Is this surprising to anyone? Everyone on the Right knew he would have to support it because he needed to appease his base despite all of the videos and recordings of Obama stating his traditional views on marriage. Everyone on the Left knew Obama would have to support gay marriage as well for the same reasons. Moreover, his support would not be contradictory to his previous stance because the Left knew he was lying just to get votes — which Liberals are OK with (if it’s a Liberal that’s lying).

Liberal who changes positions = evolving.

Conservative who changes positions = flip-flopping.

So why is Obama’s “coming out” newsworthy? Why is it considered courageous or a show of leadership? It seems obvious that he wasn’t going to come out before the election if it hadn’t been for that pesky Joe Biden accidentally telling truths, which forced the media to box Press Secretary Jay Carney in with questions about Obama’s stance on the matter. Sure, Obama is trying to convince America that he had already completed his evolution before Biden spoke, and that he was going to come out for gay marriage before the election anyway. If so, why not do it before North Carolina voted on Amendment One? Why not use his presidential influence to help sway NC black voters from overwhelmingly supporting a gay marriage ban? Heckuva job there, Obama-come-lately!

If anything, gays should be angry at Obama for what can only be viewed as a cynical ploy to get gay votes and/or stop hemorrhaging votes within his base. As far as I know, gay marriage/rights isn’t part of his reelection platform, and I think he’s going to leave the issue up to the states anyway. So ultimately, he’s just paying lip service to gays. What good is support in words if it doesn’t lead to any action that affects change?

Finally, let me just say that I sympathize with Obama. His hand was forced here and he had no choice but to come out for the side he did and in the way he did. I don’t see how this is going to be beneficial to him in the way of increasing votes. The Left wants to paint anti-gay sentiment as a religious issue. “If there were no religions, people would accept gays!” Negative. Pro-gay rights activists love to ridicule Christians for “picking and choosing” which parts of the Bible to follow. The reason the anti-gay part is easy to follow is because you don’t need religion to be anti-gay. Many atheists are revolted by the idea of same sex couples.The majority of black people are also anti-gay.

And I have a sneaky suspicion that the majority of voters feel the same way.

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