Jon Lovitz is Mad as Hell and He’s Not Going to Take Anymore!

I don’t want to go overboard here, but I think my faith in people and politics is starting to be restored. I’ve been pretty cynical about the Left because they are so solidly devoted “the cause” that they will never offer any criticism of someone on their side. Liberals should be angry at Obama for more wars (without Congressional approval), Gitmo still being open, expansion of wiretaps on American citizens, the execution of an American citizen by drone, and more. But you don’t hear the screeds or see the Photoshopped images or hear the jokes by countless stand-up comedians about Obama. Why?

Well, I have a couple of theories about that.

1. Liberals never believed that Obama would do half the things he said he would. For instance, when Obama defined marriage as being between a man and woman (and God) why would anyone expect Obama to campaign for gay marriage or repealing DADT? Because Liberals thought Obama was just saying what he needed to say to get elected. And they were fine with that.

2. Liberals have raised the stakes so high about criticizing this President that they can’t do it themselves. Whenever a Conservative is critical of Obama, Liberals are quick to call that person names, usually a racist. If you’re a Conservative of color, then you’re a race traitor of some kind. Because that weapon is so powerful, Liberals can’t blunt its point by openly criticizing Obama while also claiming to be non-racist. The double standard would be too big to spin away — Liberals can criticize a black man and not be racist, but a Conservative cannot? That’s not going to fly.

3. (Bonus Theory) Many Liberals actually agree, or at the very least don’t have an issue, with many Conservative ideas and/or actions. At the end of the day, I think Liberals understand why we went to Iraq. It wasn’t the best of circumstances, but it was a reasonable decision based on incomplete information. Liberals were already bludgeoning Dubya for having seemingly ignored intel that America was going to be attacked. Now presented with information about weapons of mass destruction, was he expected not to act on that information too? Of course, no Liberal will ever admit that they would have ordered the attack on Iraq if given the same choice. Nor will they admit that having Gitmo is OK. Nor will they admit that they’re not as repulsed about pouring water on terrorists’ faces to save American lives as they make themselves out to be. That’s why they don’t make a big stink when a Liberal President keeps particular measures in place that existed in the previous administration. That doesn’t stop Liberals from faking outrage if/when a Republican does the same thing of course.

Anyway, all this is to say that I expected the Blue Wall to never crumble, but then I saw this:

I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing! A Hollywood Democrat was dropping F-bombs on a black Liberal President. Mind you, I have no illusions about Jon Lovitz’ politics, but it was so refreshing to find that he could at least perceive reality the way that I do. Moreover, he wasn’t afraid to admit it, either. I’m not sure who the other guy on stage with him is, but listen to him vaguely threaten Lovitz with his request that Lovitz “Stop yelling at the 99%.” Then he “jokes” Occupy Lovitz. In short, he’s warning Lovitz about all the weapons their side uses against the Right and how they’re all about to be pointed at him. And just like how the Left wants the Right to shut up, this guy wants Lovitz to follow suit and toe the party line. Otherwise…

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