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It’s hard to believe that this site was started four years ago — well, three and change, but who’s counting? Before I created this site, I had more or less avoided politics. It was the easiest way to things friendly with all people, it seemed. But then slogging through 8 years with George W. Bush with the media and entertainment industry mercilessly excoriating him (a lot of it deserved, mind you), followed by the unquestioning adulation of Barack Obama was my tipping point. Something was very wrong here. There had to be room for discussion.

I initially created this site to be a place where Liberals and Conservatives, Progressives and Conservatives, Democrats and Conservatives and Republicans and Conservatives could hash things out and it up. Maybe we’d find common ground. Maybe the opposing sides would open the minds of their counterparts to new thinking. The site died shortly after launch — not because of the mission, but mostly because of neglect. I was a bit ambitious and wanted the site to be slicker than it needed to be. Instead, I should have focused on it being a place politicos could come and blog without all the whizbang eye candy. That’s all changing; so expect something leaner and meaner.

Also, forget about seeing Liberal bloggers on here. I realize that I can’t stand the majority of them. They’ve raised the stakes so high that there simply isn’t room for polite discussion anymore. I never really considered myself a political partisan. I just liked the name for a domain. But I realize that I have to become one.

Because everyone on the other side already is.

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  1. You are so right man! Whenever I think of Liberals I always think of Penn Jillette when he says that Democrats are the party of hate… We need to become more angry, more aggressive because you’re right they already are…

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